Meet Ron

Ron Caswell spent 30 years at Kennedy Space Center and helped launch the International Space Station .  He was involved in assembling and testing all the United States elements of the International Space Station, that were launched by the Space Shuttle. He is proud to be a part of the world's largest ever "International Peace Time Project".  In 2016 Ron helped to launch an Antares rocket with a Cygnus supply capsule to the International Space Station.


Ron's international travels have taken him to see a Russian Soyuz launch, to the cradle of space flight at Peenemünde Germany, and to see a European rocket launch from South America. Studying space explorations of the world and building the International Space Station are experiences that Ron enjoys sharing.


Ron Caswell is a passionate about space dreams. As an engineer he has a broad first-hand view of the conquest of space and believes humankind is designed to explore. We are given curiosity, the ability to dream, and the capability to act on these dreams. Ron is also an United States Coast Guard veteran.

Ron’s educates, entertains, and inspires organizations and schools from Alaska to Florida. His interest in mankind’s explorations of inner and outer space is set on full enthusiasm!  How may I inspire your organization?

December 3, 2014.  Ron with the Orion EFT-1 rocket on the launch pad.  The mission launched on December 5th and sucessfully landed in the Picific ocean after 2 orbits of Earth.