Eyes On Space

and Eyes On The Cape

by: Ron Caswell

Passion - Experience - Motivation


Updated: November 25, 2017



Space Web links

See the International Space Station from your back yard! (just before sunrise or just after dark) 



New NASA pictures!: (updated daily)


Ron at Wallops Island, Virginia 2016


Ron is a passionate public speaker and has several topics that he talks on.  Speaking to students is a passion and he entourages the audience to follow their heart and dreams to enjoy the best of life.


Why Attu on a space website?

As a young lad Ron was stationed at the  United States Coast Guard Attu island, Alaska Loran station (navigation).  Attu is the last island in the Aleutian chain.  After Attu Ron was sationed in Florida and after college he fell off the turnup wagon and landed an engineering positon in the space program!  He has never looked back and contues to promote people and space exploration.


Inspiring youth to follow their passion is Ron's love.

After helping to launch the International Space Station, Ron worked for Orbital ATK as a contractor. Principal Electrical Engineer of the Antares launch team in Wallops Island, Virginia.  Antares Info